When You Should Really Buy Travel Insurance

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Timing is Everything: CSA Travel Protection Explains When You Should Really Buy Travel Insurance

Though some Americans may still be clearing remnants of New Year confetti out of furniture and carpets, many are already starting to make their summer vacation plans. In doing so, they are
faced with a decision—when to buy travel insurance. CSA Travel Protection, dedicated for 25 years to providing full-service travel insurance solutions, offers its advice.

“The financially prudent thing to do is to buy insurance when you have money at risk. If you buy nonrefundable airfare, which most of us do, your money is at risk right away,” said Bob
Chambers, vice president of operations at CSA Travel Protection. “For cruises and tours, it may not be an issue until cancellation penalties start to kick in. That could be at six months prior to

Trip Cancellation

When travelers can’t go on their trip due to a covered reason, Trip Cancellation pays for forfeited, pre-paid, non-refundable travel arrangements. Travelers can get maximum coverage
for Trip Cancellation if they purchase their plan as soon as they make their first trip payment like airfare. Then, they can add coverage to the same plan for additional trip arrangements, such as
hotel stays, tours, cruises and other forms of transportation.

Free Look Period

For travelers who have bought a plan but wish to cancel it and receive a full refund, they may do so within a designated number of days from the date of purchase as long as they haven’t left for
their trip or filed a claim. This is referred to as a “free look” period and is available with all CSA Travel Protection plans. While the timeframe for the free look period varies from state to state, it
is generally 10 days from purchase. Travelers should always refer to their Description of Coverage/Insurance Policy documents to determine the number of free look period days
available in their state of residence.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Some travelers may need to look for plans that offer coverage for pre-existing conditions when they buy travel insurance. It’s important to know how pre-existing conditions are defined and the
purchase window for covering pre-existing conditions. With CSA’s Custom Luxe plan, coverage must be bought prior to or within 24 hours of the final trip payment, travelers must be medically
able to travel at the time the coverage is purchased and they must insure 100 percent of their prepaid trip costs that would be subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions. Coverage for preexisting
conditions isn’t available with all CSA plans.

An important advantage offered by CSA plans is that the exclusion for pre-existing conditions does not apply to non-traveling family members. “In other words, if a family member who is not
traveling with you has a pre-existing medical condition, and you have to cancel your trip because of their illness, you can still be covered. CSA is one of the few travel insurance providers to offer
this,” Chambers added.

No matter when the policy is purchased, travelers should remember to consider travel insurance from a reputable provider such as CSA Travel Protection. With the right travel insurance plan
and a summer vacation already in motion, travelers are poised to enjoy the rest of winter and spring looking forward to their next adventure.

About CSA Travel Protection

CSA Travel Protection is dedicated to providing valuable travel insurance and emergency assistance services to protect travelers’ vacation investments and provide the peace of mind one
deserves while traveling. For 25 years CSA has developed a reputation for standing behind its customers and by offering products and services to meet their needs. Through award-winning
customer service, extensive experience and industry-leading innovation, CSA is with its clients every step of the way, whenever and wherever they are needed.


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